What We Believe

Covenant Bible Church embraces a theology which shares much in common with the rich heritage of the Reformation. Our doctrinal position is set forth in the 1689 London Baptist confession, also known as the 1744 Philadelphia Confession of Faith1. It is not, of course, to be held as an infallible and authoritative rule. Believers are bound by Scripture, by the whole of Scripture, and by nothing but the Scripture.

At the same time, however, is is undeniably useful to have a clear statement of the Faith we believe and practice and commend to all men. We believe that the unity of the body is dependent largely upon our doctrinal integrity. We must agree about Christ before we can agree in Christ.

What follows is a summary of those doctrines we consider to be foundational truths we must all embrace for Covenant Bible Church to maintain doctrinal integrity and function in the unity of the Spirit:

1Please note that we take exception fo Chapter 26, Paragraph 4, regarding the reformers' view of the Pope as the "Antichrist."